Patent Renewal

Innovation patents can be renewed for up to 8 years and standard patents can be renewed for up to 20 years (up to 25 years for pharmaceuticals).


To maintain a patent, you must pay continuation/ renewal fees. The cost varies depending on the type of patent and the number of years that have passed since you originally filed it. For a standard patent, you start paying maintenance fees from the 4th anniversary of the filing date and pay annually which incrementally increase. For an innovation patent, you begin paying maintenance fees from the 2nd anniversary of the filing date.


We offer a maintenance service at an affordable rate for patents including alarming you of the due and timely attendance on the renewals.


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Common Questions

What does ‘patent pending’ mean?

Patent pending refers to an invention for which a patent application has been lodged but not yet granted. The term is mainly used to alert competitors and the public that the inventor is in process of obtaining protection of a patent.

How long does it take to get a patent granted?

The period of time from filing a standard patent application to having the patent granted in Australia is anywhere between 2-5 years. For an innovation patent, it takes 1-2 months for grant as the application is only checked against the formality requirements.