Business Name Protection


When you are going into a business, it is vital to understand the difference between trade marks, business names and company names.


A trade mark identifies a product or a service, distinguishing it from other similar products or services. Registration of the trade mark gives the owner the exclusive right to use the trade mark for the goods and/or services for which it is registered. Registration of a trade mark is not mandatory but highly recommended.


A business name is a trading name only. Registration of a business name is mandatory unless the entity trades in a name of their own legal name (eg. personal name or company name).


A company name is also called a registered body. If you incorporate a company, you can choose a name as a company name not already registered with the Australian Securities and Investments Commissions (ASIC). As an alternative, you may use an Australian Company Number (ACN) (i.e. a unique nine-digit number) as a form of identification for your company name.


Note that registering a business or company name does not provide the name holder with any proprietary or enforceable rights to the name. So it’s important to consider registering your business name as a trade mark. It would also ensure your intended trading name does not infringe any third party rights.


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