Trade Mark Searching

Before using a new name or logo, we recommend conducting a Trade Mark Search to ensure that the name or logo is available for both use and registration.

Requesting our Free Trade Mark Head-up Search is a good starting point to see if the same name is already occupied by someone else. Depending on your circumstances, consider also requesting either our Standard Search or Comprehensive Search to minimise risks and ensure everything is clear beforehand.

Head-up Search
Standard Search
Comprehensive Search
Exact trade mark,business name,company name and domain name search
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Similar trade mark search X
Business name and company name availability search  X
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Registrability Report* is provided  X
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Comprehensive Report** is provided  X X
*Our Registrability Report includes concise and easy to understand advice about whether your proposed trade mark would be accepted without obstacles. Note that a substantially identical mark, as well as a deceptively similar mark can attract an examiner’s objection. This report will allow us to tailor your trade mark application to ensure the best possible chance of registration. **Our Comprehensive Report is suitable for those who wish to minimise risks. This report outlines any risk you may face by identifying not only registered trade marks but also unregistered trade marks (so called common law marks) used by a third party who might be entitled to raise legal actions against you.

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Common Questions

What are the advantages of registering a trade mark?

Registration of a trade mark will give you the exclusive rights to use the same or similar trade mark for the designated goods and/or services. This includes the rights to stop others using the same or similar mark. A registered trade mark is an asset which means you can exploit it by selling, licensing etc.

I already have a company and business name. Do I still need to register a trade mark?

Yes. A business or company name registration does not grant proprietary rights in that name to the business owner. As you do not ‘own’ the name, someone could obtain and use the very similar business name as yours. If this happens, you cannot stop him/her using that name unless you establish the exclusive right in the name based on reputation, which is very hard.