Patent Search DB

Here we provide a practical guidance and links to public database where you can conduct a preliminary patent search.

Google Patent Search

Search Advanced Patent Search

Access to database of the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), the European Patent Office (EPO), and the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) through Google Patents. This database covers granted patents and published patent applications from the USPTO dating back to 1790, and from the EPO and WIPO dating back to 1978.

Australia Patent Search


Access to Australian Patent Register covering sealed patents and published patent applications date from 1904.

Search Tips 

  1. Choose the best keywords describing your invention.
  2. Clearly define the object or method. Merely typing “solar panel” in the search field, for instance, will return millions of results.
  3. Try a variety of different keywords. E.g. if you are looking for “Remote tire pressure monitoring system”, you also need to look for related keywords such as “wireless”, “tyre”, verification”, “check”, “warning”, “alarm” etc. in addition to “remote”, “tire”, “pressure”, and “monitoring” in the search field.
  4. Avoid using terms with a double signification or homonyms (e.g. “can”).
  5. Avoid words without any technical signification (e.g. “general”, “system”, or “method”).
  6. Use Advanced Search to narrow down your searches by excluding records that are not relevant, and/or searching for the exact phrase.
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